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Crackled Glassware
Crackled Glassware

Our new line of Crackled Glass Candle Accessories will make a statement in your store. Each item is uniquely painted to reflect a season or an everyday look. From Fall to Winter or everyday décor, these designs will stand out and have your customers buzzing.

Glass Accessories / Crackled Glassware
CA12 Votive Autumn Harvest $3.35 min. 6
CA13 Votive Winter Wonderland $3.35 min. 6
CA15 Votive Woodland Winterberries $3.35 min. 6
CA18 Votive Juicy Fruits $3.35 min. 6
CA21 Votive Clear Crackle $2.50 min. 4
CA23 Votive Daisy $3.35 min. 6
CA26 Votive Flip flops $3.35 min. 6
CA66 Votive Black Heart $3.25 min. 6
CA67 Votive Black Star $3.25 min. 6
CA68 Votive Wine $3.35 min. 6
CA70 Votive Spring Birds $3.35 min. 6
CA71 Votive Copper Heart $3.25 min. 6
CA72 Votive Copper Star $3.25 min. 6
CA73 Votive Crackle Snowman $3.35 min. 6
JCENTER Clear Glass w/ Black lid $17.50 min. 4
Autumn Harvest Votive Holder
Winter Wonderland Votive Holder
Juicy Fruits Votive Holder
Clear Crackled Glass Votive Holder
Daisy Votive Holder
Flip Flops Votive Holder
Votive Black Heart
Votive Black Star
Wines Votive Holder
Spring Birds Votive Holder
Votive Copper Heart
Votive Copper Star
Centerpiece Jar w/ Black Lid